Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hair Chalking

        Everyone love coloring their hairs and trying different colors but what disturbs the most is destroyed and rough hairs at the end. Here's an awesome way to get multi-colored tips without any commitment- HAIR CHALKING! it's super easy, and we can have a ton of fun doing it. Here's how you can get this look..

You'll Need
Soft pastel chalk.
A small spray bottle filled with water
A flat iron or curling iron
Rubber Gloves
A old towel or t-shirt you don't mind getting color on.

Spray a 1-inch section of hair with water. You don't need to soak, the entire strand, just go as high as you want the color to be.
Color on your hairs with one of the pastels. I recommend choosing about three colors and putting one at a time in your hair. Start with the lightest shade first. since, as you can see, the color gets all over your gloves and you will end up with a muddied version of the same hue throughout if you go dark to light.

Wait for your hair to air dry. This was the hardest part for me- I was so anxious to see the final look!

Using the curling or flat iron, go over each color strand. This sets the color in your hair, so it will last longer. Then brush and style however you normally would

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