Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Grandma Tips For Nails

Must try These tips to make your nails look beautiful and strong

  1. Eating cauliflower is good for nails.
  2. Eating garlic makes nails strong.
  3. If your nails are breakin then apply paste of Pomegranate leaves.
  4. Dip your nails in lukewarm milk for sometime that will make nails beautiful
  5. If you are getting burning sensation then put glycerine on the nail while going to bed.
  6. After making lemon juice, scrub the remaining lemon on your nails. This will make nails healthy.
  7. Sometimes we get hurt on toes-Take four drops of water and four drops of Mustard oil in brass vessel, keep mixing till it forms a cream. Put that on the hurt nail, it will ease your pain and new toe nail will be propped.

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